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The PowerApps Podcast from CRM Audio is all about Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. Hosted by Microsoft Business Solutions MVP Shawn Tabor, Tyler Kneisly, Chris Huntingford, and Kyle Hill.

Sep 28, 2019

In this episode (brought to you by ClickLearn), Andrew Bibby sat down with Business Applications MVP Sara Lagerquist from Sweden and Matt Beard and Lee Baker, two Dynamics developers from the UK. 

We get to know more about what they do and how they keep pace with our ever-changing platform, their experience of speaking...

Aug 24, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of The Power of Community Show! This episode is brought to you by KingswaySoft.

In this episode, I sat down with four shining stars of the Dynamics 365 community - Joe Griffin, Craig Seymour, Megan Walker and Malin Donoso Martnes. We learn a little more about them, the things that they’re...

Apr 11, 2019

In this episode (brought to you by KingswaySoft), the boys from Those Dynamics Guys (Chris & Will) talk with Shawn about the impact of the PowerPlatform within recent implementations. Also discussed is the impact of licensing on design, Will's work with PowerApps and Unified Operations...and more!

Will's blog:


Jan 18, 2019

This episode is brought to you by Attachment Extractor.

In this episode of the PowerApps Podcast, Those Dynamics Guys (Kyle Hill & Chris Huntingford) discuss CDS, ALM best practices and the new Solution Checker.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Power Apps Control Framework
  • PowerApps controls in...